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Operation Taking
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Operation Taking Back 901 is a nonprofit 501c3 organization whose mission is to initiate economic and educational programs for the Youth in Shelby County. Operation Taking Back 901 is broken down into three components, which is Career Ready, Road to Greatness & Homebound. The programs will include promoting and providing broad opportunities that will enhance community development, business workforce development training, economic development, housing, education and social services.


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Helping Those Who Need Us The Most

What We Do?

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Making Memphis Better One Person at a Time

Poverty rates for the City of Memphis are higher than poverty rates in Shelby County for every category. Both are higher than poverty rates in Tennessee, and Tennessee poverty rates are higher than U.S. poverty rates in almost every category (racial and ethnic groups, and age groups). We decided to get out in the community to find out the root cause of what lead these families into poverty. We asked questions about what we could do or provide to assist with making their daily lives easier. Of those we spoke to, some of them were women with small children; so we immediately identified an urgent need to get to work. Our plan is to grow Operation Taking Back 901 to feed hundreds of people in the community. We want to provide veterans, as well as single mothers, with a safe haven they can come too for help. We want to supply them with the necessary  tools to get back on their feet. We have an amazing plan to organize a program that will establish housing, counseling, medical care, and a career development plan for those in need.

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It is a beautiful thing to see the smiling faces of those we help everyday. You have to be the change you want to see in your community. Set a standard and be an example.

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