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Arieale Munson is no stranger to life in the hood. Raised in the heart of North Memphis, an area besieged by the social evils of crime, drugs, and poverty, she finds herself entangled in a love seeking narrative, filled with blatant betrayal, constant struggle, and what seems like a never-ending battle to find peace in the madness and calmness in the storm.In an effort to escape, Arieale sets her eyes above, with hopes of a brighter future. With two small kings to raise, she has no time to wallow in past mistakes or succumb to the pressure to "wild out" and become another “Single Black Female” statistic. For eternity’s clock is ticking. And Arieale must force prosperity’s door to open, to secure a meritorious place in life, for her and her kids, before it’s too late.

When Pleasing Has No Purpose Book

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